Saturday, February 14, 2015

What would your life look like if you were free from addiction?

Addiction Detox Aid Heantos4

There's a better way to care for your addiction, balance, and health. Until last year, the conventional medical protocol is for select doctors to prescribe highly addictive replacement medications to get someone off of the drugs or alcohol that they were seeking rehabilitation from, which only results in trading one addiction for another. These drugs do not cure addiction. They keep you on a steady dose of medication. If these work for you, then more power to you. Many dislike them because it is so difficult to taper off of them, as the withdrawals last longer than other addictions. Heantos is a much more successful alternative to this replacement method of treatment. It is detox transformation.

What would your life look like if you were free from the suffering of addiction?

What is Heantos?

Heantos4 is a scientifically developed herbal drug detoxification treatment. It detoxifies as in Chinese medicines, while stimulating dopamine in the brain, and suppressing major withdrawal withdrawal symptoms, particularly pain and insomnia. It also assists in eliminating cravings and urges that lead to relapse. Heantos can detoxify people from any form of opiates. It is also effective in detoxification from all forms of cocaine and heroin. It is being tested for efficacy with other drugs, as well as with alcohol and cigarettes. It gently ends dependency within 5-10 days.  We are still discovering what other addictive substances that Heantos detoxes!

Heantos support specialist providers currently guide detoxes either at home or via Skype and phone. There is a growing list of clinically documented people within the United States who have successfully detoxed, reducing their withdrawal symptoms by up to 80% using Heantos4 with a support specialist advisor guiding the process.


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